Hard MTB Ride Darmstadt on 8/10

MTB Ride – 3 Hrs in Darmstadt/Gernsheim

The first thing I did today was to ride my “bad” bike over to Velocity and switch it for the “good” MTB. The Pogo was back from being rented, and wow…it was 100% easier to ride fast on this bike. The other “bad’ one was just plain painful.

Jeff on Beach at Mallorca - has nothing to do with this post!

Jeff on Beach at Mallorca - has nothing to do with this post!

I headed immediately out toward the Odenwald. I followed the B3, and then accidentally got kicked onto the berm of the B3…not fun. Riding on the berm of basically an interstate with a speed limit of 100km. I rode my ass off, trying to get through this section as quickly as possible. So, I probably did about 10km at my max.

After getting off the B3, I could see that rain was falling on the Odenwald, right near the Auerbach Schloss. So, I decided to head more west, and go toward Gernsheim and the Rhein River. As I rode, I could see the rain was chasing me from the south, but I was determined to beat it to the Rhein. Well, I lost this battle just outside the outskirts of Gernsheim. When the wind started blowing raindrops hard enough to sting, I turned around and headed back (with the wind).

Almost immediately, I started feeling weak. At first, I figured it was just the result of having ridden an all-out 10km max effort, and then followed it up with some more really hard riding. But, it got worse quickly. I as 1.5 hours into my ride,  with another 1+ hrs to go to get back to the hotel, and I was feeling very bad. I kept thinking that perhaps I was bonking, since I didn’t have a waterbottle with me, but I knew deep inside that it was worse than that.

I was getting sick (like virus/flu sick) and I still had 1 hour (of hard pedaling) to get back to the hotel, and it was no longer possible for me to pedal hard. So, I slowed down, and started going into survival mode. It seemed like 3 hours instead of just over 1 hour, but I did make it back to the hotel. And, it rained the entire way. The wind kept shifting, so I never really truly found a true tailwind.

I finished almost 3 hours on the bike, and almost didn’t have enough energy to breakdown the bike and put it in the trunk of the rental Mercedes. But, I made it. Then, it was a struggle to walk to the elevator…I knew things were bad. Finally, I got to the room, stripped off the cold, wet clothes, and stood under the hot shower for literally 1 hour.

I ended up staying sick for the next day or two. Darn.

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